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Travel Insurance Reviews AXA Assistance USA Platinum

The AXA Assistance USA Platinum plan offers the highest limits of coverage out of all three AXA Assistance plans. Just like the AXA Assistance USA Gold plan, the Platinum plan provides additional Travel Delay benefits along with coverage if your golf or ski trip is disrupted due to Inclement Weather. Another added benefit is coverage for Sports Equipment Rental coverage.

To learn more, see the AXA Assistance USA Platinum product page.

Customers who have visited Antarctica rated the AXA Assistance USA Platinum plan
4.67 out of 5
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AXA Assistance USA Platinum
Since I had canceled my trip for 2019, and rescheduled it for 2020 I didn’t use the insurance that I had purchased. There was a ton of red tape In order to change the dates from 2019 to the 2020 trip. It would have been easier to get congress to actually do something, than to change the dates on the policy. Basically I ended up wasting the cost of the policy, and will just get another one for the 2020 trip.
William B. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Michelle A
    Thank you for your review. Insurance providers do allow travelers to transfer their policies from one trip to another. By transferring the policy to a future trip it allows customers to not lose the premium paid for the original policy, but it does require certain documentation to be submitted. Upon notice of the transfer request, an email is sent to the customer with the documentation requirements before the request is sent to the provider for processing. Please call us at 800-487-4722 if you need any assistance with making a change to your policy, we would be happy to assist you.
    Mar 25,2019
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