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Travel Insurance Reviews Generali Global Assistance Custom

The Custom plan is the more economical of the two plans offered by CSA. This plan offers comprehensive Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage if you have to cancel or interrupt for one of the listed covered reasons. This plan also offers coverage for missed cruise connections ad concierge services.

To learn more, see the CSA Travel Protection Custom product page.

Customers who have visited Denmark rated the Generali Global Assistance Custom plan
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Generali Global Assistance Custom
During my most recent vacation, my TSA lock was removed from my suitcase along with a very memorable ID identififw6on. This was likely by the TSA inspection team at the airport. When I decided to choose to file a complaint form for the removal of these items, I was told that I would have to first check back with my local home insurance company to determine whether they would cover the cost of this item. What puzzled me: was that I purposely took out travel insurance policy to cover such unexpected occurrences, but was quickly being directed to other insurance which was hoped would pay for any damages to this claim. As a travel insurance company, I believe that the first responsibility should be to the customers insurance company as the claim was directed to events occurring while travellng abroad, not in a condo thousands of miles away. It is,after all, something which has occurred in travel alone, & should be recognized as a travelling risk taken care of by travel insurance.
Lida P. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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