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Travel Insurance Reviews Generali Global Assistance Custom

The Custom plan is the more economical of the two plans offered by CSA. This plan offers comprehensive Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage if you have to cancel or interrupt for one of the listed covered reasons. This plan also offers coverage for missed cruise connections ad concierge services.

To learn more, see the CSA Travel Protection Custom product page.

Customers who have visited Madagascar rated the Generali Global Assistance Custom plan
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The trip included a
Generali Global Assistance Custom
We happened to be in Madagascar when there was civil unrest with demonstrations in the streets of Tana that resulted in at least one death. There were also organized and spontaneous strikes by various groups of workers.
We were on an organized trip with an itinerary. Minutes before one flight, it and 2 others due to leave Tana at the same time were cancelled. We saw the crews of the 3 planes walking together to the terminal, talking to each other. It seemed clear to us that they had decided to strike. The result was that we could not reach our destination that night and no flight was scheduled for the next day. We had to return to our hotel and charter a plane the next day to resume our itinerary at our cost (approximately $1000).
We put in a claim to Generali Global Assistance with newspaper evidence of the unrest in the country at the time we were there. They rejected our claim because the trip interruption was not caused by an organized strike. They also cited an exclusion to Trip Interruption: civil disorder.
We were the victims of an arbitrary flight cancellation by Air Madagascar which gave the reason for the cancellation as "shortage of personnel". This cancellation, which was beyond our control, was why we took out a policy that included Trip Interruption.
Patrick T. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
  • Melissa J.
    Thank you for your feedback on the policy. We are sorry to learn of the events that occurred and interrupted your trip. The representatives at Generali Global Assistance informed us that the claims were adjudicated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. We hope that fellow customers find your review and our reply educational.

    Comprehensive plans are designed to cover as many risks as possible, but is very rare for any insurance plan to cover all possible risks. Civil unrest is a typical exclusion on any Comprehensive plan. In fact, that event would not covered under normal Trip Interruption with any company that we represent. Some of the plans that we offer include "Interruption for Any Reason" for 75% reimbursement as long as you have been on your trip for at least 48-72 hours. For more information about these plans, please call us at InsureMyTrip.

    We strongly recommend customers read the terms and conditions of the policy within the review period to determine if the policy fits your needs. If the policy does not fit your needs, it can be cancelled within the review period for a refund of premium. We can be reached at 800-487-4722 if you have any questions or concerns.

    Nov 21,2018
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