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Travel Insurance Reviews GeoBlue Trekker Essential

The GeoBlue Trekker Essential is a multi-trip Medical plan which offers emergency medical coverage while you are traveling abroad. This plan covers trips up to 70 days in length (per trip) that you will be taking outside the country during the year. The Trekker Essential plan does require you to have primary health insurance in place, but there is no exclusion for pre-existing conditions. This plan has lower limits than the Trekker Choice plan.

To learn more, see the GeoBlue Trekker Essential product page.

Customers who have visited Thailand rated the GeoBlue Trekker Essential plan
4.40 out of 5
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GeoBlue Trekker Essential
I have been buying travel/medical insurance for years, and like many others, I have never had to use it. Unfortunately, my record of not having to use my travel/medical insurance came to an end while on a 2 month trip to Thailand.

I had a medical issue that had been ongoing for about 4 days that seemed to be getting worse. I contacted GeoBlue with my issue and without hesitation they assisted me in finding a hospital of my choice. The hospital was in-network, so therefore, I had no deductible. They forwarded the paperwork to the hospital and it was waiting for me when I arrived by Uber. After consultation with a emergency room doctor, it was concluded that 3 tests would be performed: complete blood test, sonar, and x-ray. Fortunately, everything came back negative and after a few days everything returned to normal and I continued my trip without incident.

GeoBlue stood behind its policy without question. They were incredibly helpful and followed up with me to make sure everything was okay and ask if they could do anything else for me. It's nice to know that you have insurance company looking out for your best interest when you are 10k miles from home--I never thought I would say that about an insurance company. GeoBlue is highly recommended and I won't considered any other insurance company for overseas travel.

p.s. thanks to insuremytrip for suggesting/recommending this policy.
Kyle S. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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GeoBlue Trekker Essential
I can’t really rate the plan since, thankfully, I never had to file a claim. Therefore I have no basis recommend it at this time.

The cost does seem reasonable if the coverage and hoops you have to go through are as suggested in their literature.

It is somewhat more tricky to sign up for this plan than the others, and my password did not work when I tried to contact them overseas. They did help me by email to establish another password. But since their office is closed on weekends, it took awhile.
Robert O. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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