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GeoBlue Voyager Essential
I contacted InsureMyTrip over the phone since I was unable to access their website. My experience with the customer service agent was excellent. I gave her my dates, ages, countries traveling to, and what my goal was - mainly to make sure I had medical evacuation insurance available since my company plan would cover me for emergencies. She found 3 plans and in talking to her, we found out that the cheapest plan would actually fit my needs and provided more in medical evacuation insurance than a more expensive plan. She did not try to "sell" me the higher priced plan. Within 10 minutes, I had coverage, which thankfully I never had to use, but it was comfort knowing I had it. I also looked at the GeoBlue website and was pleased with the availability of doctors in Chile and Argentina in their network. I will always use InsureMyTrip for any future travel insurance needs.
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