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Travel Insurance Reviews HTH Worldwide TravelGap Voyager

The TravelGap Voyager plan resembles the TravelGap Excursion plan, but the big difference is that you don't need primary health insurance in force to be eligible for coverage.

To learn more, see the HTH Worldwide TravelGap Voyager product page.

Customers who have visited Japan rated the HTH Worldwide TravelGap Voyager plan
3.25 out of 5
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The trip included a
HTH Worldwide TravelGap Voyager
I visited a doctor in Japan and got medication. The entire cost of the visit was less than my premium. I filled out the claim form with all the requested information, which includes a form (in the same PDF) for authorizing communication via email (note: their only communication options are email and postal mail). Their initial response came 8 days later and was to send proof I was in Japan (and would be leaving) and that I did not fill out the electronic communication waiver (what?). I replied the same day with the waiver attached and flight details.

After that I didn't hear anything from them, not even a confirmation, until I asked about it 1 month from my initial claim. 5 days later I received in postal mail an EOB that said my claim was denied for lack of documentation. Then that same day or 1 days later, I received an email saying my claim was paid by check. I received the paper check 1 week later.

Overall, I think the communication and claim process was subpar. The claim form was a non-fillable PDF that I annotated over so I didn't have to print it out and scan it. The process seems like it's designed to be difficult to use.

They don't give you any guidance on how to handle foreign languages or currencies so I had to just submit and hope they did translation/conversions (seemed to work).

The fact that they ignored their own waiver form to send me an identical waiver form and fill out again was very annoying, and the lack of communication overall really didn't sit well with me.

I can't imagine what it would have been like trying to communicate with them if I'd had anything complicated happen.
Brian S. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Carol
    Thank you for your feedback. Even though your claim may be less than your policy premium, insurance providers still require specific documents to pay your claim. We are pleased to hear that your claim was quickly settled.
    Dec 31,2019
    • BrianS
      Yes, I'm aware of the document requirement. I sent all the documents requested with the initial claim except for the airline confirmation (because it there was no indication that was needed beforehand, another example of the poor guidance on submitting a claim).

      Please note that the main point of my review was slow and unclear communication. The claim was not "quickly" settled, it was settled slowly and with conflicting information, and a > 1 month period of time with no response from the company.
      Dec 31,2019
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