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Travel Insurance Reviews HTH Worldwide TripProtector Preferred

The TripProtector Preferred, like the Classic plan, offers higher coverages and additional benefits. One of the additional benefits is the Cancel for Any Reason option. This is a great benefit to have pre-departure for unforeseen circumstances in which you may have to cancel your trip that may not be listed under the plan's covered reasons.

To learn more, see the HTH Worldwide TripProtector Preferred product page.

Customers who have visited Greece rated the HTH Worldwide Trip Protector Preferred plan
3.50 out of 5
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HTH Worldwide Trip Protector Preferred
I did not need to file a claim under this plan, however, before I left on my scheduled trip, I did reach out, call the plan phone numbers that were provided to file a claim, so that I would know the process if needed. I was transferred multiple times, and when I did reach an agent to discuss claim filing he was extremely vague on what would and would not be covered under various scenarios, as well as how a claim is filed. I left on my trip with a clear understanding that the company would put significant effort into avoiding fulfilling a claim.

There is no service to assist if flights are missed or cancelled as some plans feature. It is up to you to arrange alternative flights and then file a claim for flight delay, trip interruption.

I wish I had purchased from another company with service to assist in arranging alternative flights, transfers if needed, and staff that clearly explain prior to travel what would and would not be covered, and the process for filing a claim.

I would appreciate a refund of the hefty premium I paid considering the customer service I received prior to travel.
Katherine E. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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