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Travel Insurance Reviews International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX

iTravelInsurance LX from International Medical Group is a single-trip comprehensive travel insurance plan which offers a higher level of coverage to domestic or international travelers than iTravelInsurance SE. Coverages offered by this plan include trip cancellation, interruption, travel delay and travel medical coverage.

To learn more, see the iTravelInsurance LX product page.

Customers who have visited Jordan rated the International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX plan
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International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX
My husband and I planned a trip to Jordan, Egypt and Dubai in January/February of this year. We were flying Emirates Airlines who provided us with a free travel insurance package via AIG but we were not happy with the amount of coverage. We have always used for our other insurance so my husband suggested that we get a policy instead with IMG that would provide up to $250 per day in coverage expenses if per chance we caught covid on the trip. AMA Waterways already provided us with the ability to cancel up to 24 hours prior to the start of the trip and receive future cruise credit should we get covid or some other illness that would prevent us from traveling so we were only interested in what would happen while on the trip. While on this trip, some people caught covid while on our Nile cruise, and while we tested negative in Cairo prior to our departure to Dubai (results we think were fraudulent since everyone tested negative including the people who had just caught covid), we were required to test again upon arrival in Dubai and found out that both of us tested positive and were required to quarantine for 6-10 days. We called IMG who made sure we were both okay (we were sympton free) and they told us to contact them again when we arrived home and file a claim. When we got home, we got ahold of IMG, they sent us the claim form to file and told us what documention was required. We were able to fill out the form (and I attached a spreadsheet detailing all of our expenses in both AED (Dubai currency) and US dollars to make it easy for the IMG agent to review our claim. We filed the claim form and all supporting documentation through their secure message portal. Within 24-48 hours, we received and email from IMG. They told us they were experiencing higher than normal claim volume but would get to our claim and review it as soon as possible. Within about 3-4 weeks, IMG had reviewed all of our documentation and approved most of what we had requested - they didn't approve the 3 days that we were already scheduled to be in Dubai - just the extension (trip delay) period, which was understandable. They sent us an email detailing what was approved, followed up with a text message and 3 days later we had the money in our checking account. I cannot say enough about how great IMG was to work with and I would purchase another policy from them anytime.
Nancy D. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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