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Travel Insurance Reviews International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX

iTravelInsurance LX from International Medical Group is a single-trip comprehensive travel insurance plan which offers a higher level of coverage to domestic or international travelers than iTravelInsurance SE. Coverages offered by this plan include trip cancellation, interruption, travel delay and travel medical coverage. The plan also adventure sports and activities as covered reasons for emergency medical care.

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Customers who have visited the Netherlands rated the International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX plan
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The trip included a
International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX
We (3 Travelers) purchased the IMG iTravelInsured LX plan because of the coverage it provided for an overseas trip. We ended up cancelling our trip due to one of our travelers having to cancel her trip with us because an immediate family member was diagnosed with cancer, and the Traveler in our group had to take care of the immediate family member. We provided as much detail as possible and the necessary documents to file a Trip Cancellation claim for reimbursement of non-refundable expenses that were covered under the IMG iTravelInsured LX plan. It took two months to gather the documents. We had 90 days to file a claim from the date of the trip cancellation. Initially, IMG paid a partial payment of the claimed expenses we filed for. We found IMG made an error in their calculations on our claim. We were frustrated at this point. We got InsureMyTrip, who we bought the IMG plan through, involved and they assigned an Advocate to assist us with IMG. Approximately one month later, IMG realized the error and paid us the rest of the non-refundable expenses in our claim. We can say that IMG did pay our claim after three plus months for all Travelers in the plan policy. Although it was extremely frustrating at times, we were able to speak to an IMG representative every time we called. Even though we are somewhat dissatisfied with how the process went to get reimbursed under the policy, we would still recommend IMG iTravelinsured LX plan. We found the plan for each of us to be fairly priced for our coverage needs. Just keep documentation of all your travel planned and pay attention to the instructions that tell you what is required if you file a claim. READ YOUR ACTUAL POLICY from the underwriter of the insurance. You have 14 days to reject this plan if something doesn't fit your needs. IMG did come through in the end and did finally process our claim fairly. I would use IMG again.
Paul N. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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    Apr 26,2019
The trip included a
International Medical Group iTravelInsured LX
Don't know how to evaluate since we did not file a claim. Service seems to be competitively priced.
Gary M. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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