MEDEX TravMed Choice Inbound
It is particularly difficult to comment on the adequacy - or otherwise - of a medical insurance without having been through the claims procedure - which, fortunately, we have not had to do.
However, we would like to see cover offered - perhaps optionally - for cancellation of air fares; other pre-booked items of expenditure can usually be cancelled without loss - provided that time limits are observed. Ticket conditions can be very restrictive and lead to the loss of the whole fare if a holiday has to be cancelled.
Similarly, cover for some items such as repatriation costs for children could be made optional - not everyone travels with children!
We have found this insurance to be particularly valuable as, although citizens of the UK, we are (with one exception that I know of) unable to get travel/ medical insurance from a UK company as we are resident in France - Heaven knows why!
Ian M. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Claims not filed
Note: This review is for a plan that is no longer available.
  • Mike
    Thank you for your review and feedback. We have passed your comments along to Frontier MEDEX.
    Oct 22,2013