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Travel Insurance Reviews Medjet MedjetAssist Short Term

The MedjetAssist Short Term membership plan is designed for travelers taking short trips. Benefits are available to your family members. In the event that you are hospitalized during your trip and meet all transport criteria, Medjet will transport you to a hospital of your choice for emergency medical treatment.

To learn more, see the MedjetAssist Short Term product page.

Customers who have visited the United Kingdom rated the Medjet MedjetAssist Short Term plan
3.33 out of 5
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The trip included a
Medjet MedjetAssist Short Term
Well, everything went swimmingly until our flight home on 10/12 was delayed due to Storm Cullum. We were stuck for 3 1/2 days trying to get home. Since our insurance was only booked through 10/12, I tried to get in touch with you and with Medjet to see if it needed to be be extended. I called the emergency number on a Sunday to find out. They said they couldn't help me and to call back on Monday. Fat lot of good that did.
Anne W. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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  • Carol
    Thank you for your comments. Here is your reply to MedJet Assist:

    "We appreciate you posting a review so that we can continually improve our processes. In reviewing your call, we see that you contacted our emergency operations center at 12:12am 10/14/18 and had questions on extending your membership due to weather. The operations center coordinator advised that the membership services department could answer those questions or make changes to your existing membership on Monday morning and verified that you did not have an emergency at that time. In attempting to obtain your call back number, either the line was disconnected or you disconnected the call with the operations center coordinator. Due to being disconnected without ​​a call back number, we were unable to follow up."
    Oct 23,2018
The trip included a
Medjet MedjetAssist Short Term
Happy I did not use the plan. The plan covered everything I wanted it to cover for peace of mind. Price of plan was reasonable based on age.
craig b. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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