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Travel Insurance Reviews Nationwide Prime

The Prime plan allows you to insure a higher trip cost than the Essential plan and also includes higher amounts of coverage to protect your pre-paid non-refundable monetary investment. This plan includes benefits for missed connections and changes in itineraries, along with a pre-existing condition waiver.

To learn more, see the Nationwide Prime product page.

Customers who have visited Norway rated the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Prime plan
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The trip included a
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Prime
Purchased a plan on 3/5/2020 for a dream trip to Norway. We put together an itinerary including Flights to UK, cruise to Norway from Southhampton and then Cruise to New York on Queen Mary 2. Today was the date on which we had to make the final payment on the cruises. Since the cruise was not until August We thought we might be able to rely on the travel insurance in case one of the cruise lines or the airline cancelled part of the trip. Just to be sure, I called Nationwide customer service to make sure we would be covered. Imagine my surprise to find out that if any of the cancellations were due to coronavirus it would not be covered because it was not a listed peril on the policy. The customer service representative explained that unless the reason for trip cancellation or delay was due to a listed peril in the policy then it was not covered.

An example: The policy states "The company will reimburse you if your miss your connection due to inclement weather" they will reimburse you for expenses and pre-paid nonrefundable trip payments fr the unused portion of your trip. However if the flight is cancelled due to mechanical problems you are up the creek, because that is not a listed peril.

So this is not really insurance, it is a guessing game to see if your crystal ball works well enough to figure out what could possibly go wrong months in advance of your trip and then find a policy from some company that covers all of the stuff you came up with. Good luck with that.

Basically unless you are injured or fall ill or heaven forbid die, due to an unforeseen incident and not related to any of the page full of exclusions, you are covered. If your flight is delayed or canceled due to weather you are covered. Anything else - tough luck.

So it looks like we will get a cruise credit for the cruise portion of the trip and the airlines are also offering free changes for most flights. Nationwide has "voucher program" which MAY offer partial credit to transfer some or all of the cost of your unused travel policy to a future trip. I must say I'm not expecting much after speaking to their "customer service" people.

I'm sure glad automobile and life insurance is better than travel insurance. I think it should be called something else.
Don E. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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The trip included a
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Prime
I had to cancel my travel plans due to an injury. My claim was handled professionally and very quickly. I would highly recommend both the company and the plan.
John K. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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