Seven Corners Roundtrip Choice
We got a total runaround from nine different advisers. Nobody took responsibility for our claim. I filled out all the paperwork they emailed to me. We were continually asked for more paperwork even after we were advised we needed no additional proof of purchase. We faxed and mailed and faxed and mailed. Some claim adjusters even lied to us about our claim being processed. Then I had to furnish more paperwork. I have each one's name. I even had to talk to the Director of Claims Administration who pushed me off to his assistant who was too busy to accommodate me. I was then referred to her assistant who didn't know much of anything. My advice is NEVER get involved with Seven Corners Insurance. They even sent me some wrong paperwork for health insurance telling me my claim was denied. I didn't have any health insurance with them. Finally after my perseverance wore them down I received my check, two months later.
John C. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for a plan that is no longer available.
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