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Travel Insurance Reviews Seven Corners Roundtrip

The Roundtrip plan is the more economical of the two comprehensive trip cost protection plans offered by Seven Corners. In addition to Trip Cancellation and Interruption, this plan offers Missed Connection coverage, a Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver, and coverage for Baggage, Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

To learn more, see the Seven Corners Roundtrip product page.

Customers who have visited the British Virgin Islands rated the Seven Corners Roundtrip plan
2.33 out of 5
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Seven Corners Roundtrip
I was disappointed because our trip was delayed one day due to the death of my grandma. Her funeral was the morning we were supposed to leave. Leaving that morning would have got us to the Virgin Islands that afternoon. Since we could not fly out until the evening, we had to stay the night in Charlotte, NC and pay for a hotel there on top of the one we had already paid for in St. Thomas. We had to pay $900 to change our flights. We missed a full day in the Virgin Islands. Our trip delay coverage we were told would not apply because our flight leaving Kansas City was 11 1/2 hours later than the original and it needed to be 12 hours later.
Joyce R. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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  • Carol
    First of all, we would like to express our condolences for the death in your family. We can certainly understand the disappointment in having to delay your trip. We also understand why you did not file a Travel Delay claim since your actual delay was only 11 1/2 hours which was less than the minimum 12 hour delay as required by your policy. However, you may still be eligible for some reimbursement under Trip Interruption coverage, so if you change your mind and decide to submit the claim, please call your Seven Corners claims department at (800) 335-0477.
    Apr 13,2017
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