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Seven Corners Roundtrip
Our situation was a good example of why you should buy tour insurance. We were two thirds of the way through a tour of the Mediterranean when we received word that my wife's sister had died. We immediately made arrangements to leave the ship when it arrived at Santorini Island. We flew from there to Athens, then from Athens to Rome, missing our flight to Madrid because our plane was delayed by a problem at the Rome Airport. The flight to Madrid the next morning was too late to catch our flight to the United States. We soon learned that the next United flight was two days later so we went to the airport hotel that we were originally to have stayed at. Arriving at home, we sent a letter to Seven Corners describing why we were submitting a claim. They sent a packet of information about what we needed to do. We ultimately sent a large packet of about 20 pages of evidence for our claim and eventually received payments covering: the missed portion of our cruise, the Alitalia Airlines transfer flights to Madrid, the fee for changing over our United Flights to the U.S., and the cost of room and meals for two days and nights spent in Madrid, a total of almost $4000. Was the process simple? No, but then our situation had a lot of complications. Was it quick? No, about two months passed between submitting the last paper and receiving payment, but we did get our losses covered satisfactorily in then end. So we will definitely use Seven Corners on our next trip.
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