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Travel Insurance Reviews Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Atlas Expedition

The Atlas Expedition is a great option if you are looking for primary coverage without breaking the bank. In addition, this plan offers trip cancellation and interruption benefits, travel delay, emergency medical, emergency medical evacuation to reimburse you in the event one of many covered issues causes a disruption during your trip. Below are reviews for this particular plan by travelers just like you who purchased their plan from InsureMyTrip.

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Customers who have visited Germany rated the Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Atlas Expedition plan
3.30 out of 5
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Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Atlas Expedition
I am very dissatisfied with Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Atlas Expedition. 4 of us, women, missed a flight from Louisville Ky to Chicago on May 18, because the Chicago Airport was closed due to weather. Over a three hour period, the Chicago airport opened and closed a few times, so by the time we reached it, our flight to Amsterdam was gone. We could not arrive in Amsterdam, and missed our first day and night of the cruise. United Airlines reimbursed us for purchased clothes and dinner, since luggage didn't arrive for 8 DAYS. All we wanted from our insurance was $264 for a day of cruise missed. My other two companions bought Roam Right, and WERE sent a check. Tokio HHC denied the claim. I would AVOID this company. Thank you.
Rebecca G. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
  • Michelle A
    Thank you for your feedback on the policy. We are sorry to learn of the unfortunate events that occurred during your trip. Acting as your advocate, InsureMyTrip contacted the claims department to assist you with the claim that went unpaid. The representatives informed us that the claim was adjudicated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

    As you and your travel companions purchased different policies this caused the policies to differ in slightly. Unfortunately, the policy you purchased did not have a Missed Connection benefit where your traveling companions policy offered this. The best way to avoid this situation in the future is for traveling companions to purchase with the same provider. Please feel free to call us at 800-487-4722 if you have any questions or concerns.
    Aug 14,2019
Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Atlas Expedition
I have used this plan at least 3 times during the last year. On 2 occasions, I had a claim. The folks who process the claims for this company will "slow walk" your claim and ask for a pile of unnecessary documentation before you see your claim paid. However, in each instance, we eventually received the full amount we were entitled to. On one occasion, a customer advocate for InsureMyTrip was extremely helpful in resolving the issue. Bottom line: good coverage, fair price, slow claims servicing.
David F. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
Claims not filed
  • Carol
    Thank you very much for your 4 1/2 star review of your Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Atlas Expedition policy. We are pleased to hear that you have confidence and will continue to use Tokio Marine HCC for future trips.

    You have also been a loyal customer of InsureMyTrip since May 2009. It is not unusual for customers to find the claims process and necessary paperwork cumbersome, but as you discovered, you can call InsureMyTrip at 800-487-4722 to request an Anytime Advocate to expedite the claims process if necessary.
    Apr 12,2019
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