TripAssure Advantage Asset
I did not have to file a claim, but we had a snowstorm that closed roads getting to the airport. I had called to clarify my plan if we didn't make the flight home. They were very helpful. As it was a 2 hour trip to the airport took 6 hours and, we checked our bags with 1 minute to spare but I had peace knowing we would have had coverage in these circumstances if need be.
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Claims not filed
Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Matt M.
    Thank you for your feedback. The following is a covered hazard listed under this policy for travel delay:
    d) severe storms that cause a route closing validated by the National Weather Service records and local Department of Transportation Records.
    Please keep in mind that the coverages in these policies can vary from state to state. It is always beneficial to read the certificates before and after purchasing the policy.
    Mar 12,2014