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It, has been two months since my claim for a missed cruise. We had purchased a 3 day cruise which included airfare from PHL to FT. Lauderdale for a Feb 14th Valentine Cruise. Weather forced our flight to be cancelled. Along with flights 3 days prior and and after. After all documents were sent to MH Ross, EVERYTHING that was requested, we are now 2 months after our initial claim, and they are still reviewing documents, and have only asked us to send in more and more info to substantiate our claim that the cruise was cancelled. Well our cruise was not cancelled, we couldn't make the flight to get on the cruise. Thats the part they don't understand. They have all the info our flight getting into port was cancelled, but since we cant document the cruise was cancelled, they are not responding to our requests. Even after showing refunds from port taxes from the cruise ship and emails from the cruise ship that we did not make it.

I will update this review upon final determination, but NO I would not recommend this to anyone. Poor customer service, even as I write this, now 15 minutes into it, I have been on hold with there "emergency line" with absolutely no response yet, other than an automated message saying YES we except collect calls.

I do not recommend. Stay away.

**UPDATED 5-14-2014** After months of waiting MH Ross did make whole their responsibility for loss travel. I advise anyone who works through the insurance to have a copy of every document, page, email, receipt, ticket stub, picture, news article, letter, etc ready to be provided. After several phone calls to generic customer service, (Underwriters from elsewhere handle the claim, telephone representatives just take messages) and several documents, they did mail us a check.

Overall just don't expect that the insurance is going to have a quick enough turn around (plan states 7-14 days) of funds to book your new travel plans in the same season you were originally traveling in, if you have to make a claim.

Also to note that insuremytrip is a broker, and in a claim situation they are out of the loop, you call the insurer direct. So calls to them are not helpful. And as mentioned above MHRoss telephone reps just give generic responses, although very polite and understanding on the phone.

Overall I would use again and am glad I did.
Joseph M. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for a plan that is no longer available.
  • Zac
    Thank you for your feedback on the policy. We are sorry for the frustration you experienced in waiting for your claim to be resolved. In the future, if you experience issues early on in the claims process, please reach out to InsureMyTrip as we do employ customer advocates that assist our customers in resolving claims.
    May 16,2014