Define "pre-existing condition. Would an episode of pneumonia, treated and resolved contitute a pre-existing condition?


Unfortunately, since we are not licensed physicians and we cannot predetermine claims, we would not be able to determine specific illnesses as a pre-existing condition. We can provide a better definition of Pre-Existing Conditions. Each plan has a Pre-Existing Condition Period, The Pre-Existing condition period is the number of days that the insurance company will "look back" from the date the insurance was purchased, to see if your claim is related to a Pre-Existing Medical Condition. If the reason you are canceling, interrupting or seeking medical coverage is related to pre-existing conditions there will be no coverage. A Pre-Existing Condition is any treatment, diagnostic tests or exams, any recommendations for diagnostic test or exams, or any adjustments in medication up or down within the pre-existing condition period stated (depending on the company, 60 days to 3 years prior to the effective date). Most policies will offer a waiver of pre-existing conditions if you meet the following conditions: You purchase the policy within 10 to 21 days of making your first trip payment; insure ALL prepaid non-refundable expenses prior to your departure date; and be medically fit to travel the day you purchase the policy.
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