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How late can I purchase trip insurance?
- AnaA,


A comprehensive travel insurance plan can be purchased up until the day before departure. We do recommend that your policy be purchased within 10-21 days after making the first payment or deposit toward your trip as it may allow you to be eligible for some time sensitive benefits, such as Cancel For Any Reason or the pre-existing condition waiver. There are other requirements that must be met to be eligible for those coverages, which can be found in the policy document. One thing to keep in mind, plans will not cover cancellation due to many Coronavirus related issues such as fear of travel or government orders not to travel. For there to be any coverage for cancellation related to Coronavirus, the policy would need to be purchased with optional Cancel For Any Reason, all eligibility requirements would need to be met for that coverage, and reimbursement would be up to 50%-75% depending on the plan.
- Meghan,
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