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InsureMyTrip takes pride in our award winning service and product selection. As such, it made sense to partner with the leader in online health insurance comparison shopping, eHealthInsurance. We've partnered with them because, like us, they want to make securing insurance coverage easier for the average human. eHealthInsurance offers thousands of plans from over 200 top companies. Every day they provide customers with free quotes and plan comparisons to help them find the best plan for their personal needs, all backed-up by a full-service Customer Care Center staffed with licensed health insurance agents.

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Above is one of the partnerships we've established to help you find other products and services that you'll like just as much as you like InsureMyTrip.

There's more to us than meets the eye. IMT Services, the parent company of InsureMyTrip, is always interested in exploring new ideas and opportunities. Our team of big-thinking visionaries thrives on evaluating the possibilities in pursuit of the Next Big Thing. If you have an idea for a potential business partnership, share it with us. We'd like a new challenge.

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