Compare Travel Insurance with InsureMyTrip's SMART System

The SMART System recommends the right plan for every traveler, every time.

Travelers can have vastly different coverage needs. SMART by InsureMyTrip delivers what's most important for each of them.

Combining continuous learning through user interactions, vast libraries of data collected from past travelers, and the thousands of coverage options available on

The SMART System at Work for You

Every time you enter your travel information and receive a free travel insurance quote, the SMART System will scour millions of data points and return recommended plans that may fit your trip needs.

InsureMyTrip is passionate about doing the right thing for travelers, employees and business partners. As InsureMyTrip strives to meet this mission, we embark on a new era of travel insurance comparison: the SMART system.

Then, let SMART do its magic. It will recommend three ideal travel insurance plans right for your trip: Superior, Strong Value, and Good Buy.

What Do These Recommendations Mean?

The Superior Plan

This plan was chosen for your trip because it has the best value of our premium plans available to you. Our premium plans have the most covered reasons for cancellation or interruption and the highest benefit limits for travel delay, baggage and emergency medical benefits.

The Strong Value Plan

This plan is recommended by our expert system for its balance of coverage and price. The SMART System looks at the plans that fit the trip details you gave us and chooses the best plan that provides excellent coverage at a moderate price.

The Good Buy Plan

The SMART System chose the ideal coverage option for the budget-conscious traveler. While it has most of the same benefits available in all the other plans, these coverage limits won’t be as high and the reasons for cancellation or interruption won’t be as robust.

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