Compare Travel Insurance with InsureMyTrip's SMART System

The SMART System recommends the right plan for every traveler, every time.

Travelers can have vastly different coverage needs. SMART by InsureMyTrip delivers what's most important for each of them.

Combining continuous learning through user interactions, vast libraries of data collected from past travelers, and the thousands of coverage options available on

You Can Trust the SMART System

What is the Smart System?

InsureMyTrip is passionate about doing the right thing for travelers, employees and business partners. As InsureMyTrip strives to meet this mission, we embark on a new era of travel insurance comparison: the SMART system.

SMART is InsureMyTrip’s proprietary algorithm that taps into thousands of data points to find the right travel insurance plan for any traveler. SMART continues InsureMyTrip’s mission to deliver innovative, honest, and transparent solutions by providing travel insurance quotes that fit the customer’s given travel information.

No Provider Pays for a Better Spot

None of our travel insurance providers provide compensation to InsureMyTrip for being recommended over the others. InsureMyTrip is committed to finding the right plan for every trip, regardless of our sales expectations. All of our recommendations are based on data points that are unedited by the travel insurance providers with the travelers’ needs in mind.

A Recommendation for Every Trip

Travelers can have vastly different coverage needs, and SMART's goal is to deliver what's most important for each of them. Combining continuous learning through user interactions, vast libraries of data collected from past travelers, and the thousands of coverage options available on, SMART recommends the right plan for every trip.

Every trip you take is different from the one before and the one after. InsureMyTrip is taking steps to ensure that all travelers find the plan that fits their specific trip details. Because of this, we consider your trip itinerary when making recommendations.

The SMART System for Cruises

InsureMyTrip has a variety of travel insurance plans that are better options for travelers who are taking a cruise. Cruisers have specific coverage needs that other travelers will not need to consider. Because of this, our recommended cruise plans have coverages that are may benefit cruisers more than a traditional comprehensive plan, such as inconvenience coverage for itinerary changes due to severe weather or coverage for an onboard service disruption due to widespread illness.

Customers of InsureMyTrip will see our unbiased recommendations for cruise travel insurance if they indicate they are taking a cruise for their trip. If your trip includes more travel types than the cruise, we will recommend a traditional comprehensive plan.

The SMART System for Your Trip During Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30 every year. InsureMyTrip knows that traveling during this time, especially to a destination prone to hurricanes, brings certain risk. Some comprehensive plans include coverage for specific to hurricane warnings or severe weather, such as a warning from the NOAA Hurricane Center. When InsureMyTrip identifies travelers who fit criteria that may hieghten their risk of being affected by hurricanes and tropical storms, we can recommend the best travel insurance option available.

More specifically, if travelers are taking a cruise during Hurricane Season - we've got them covered too. Our SMART System can recommend the best options for cruisers taking ot the seas between June 1 and November 30. When quoting travel insurance with InsureMyTrip, customers will see our recommendations, marked with orange sashes, that are pinpointed for either having coverage for NOAA warnings or specific cruise benefits.

The SMART System for Your Trip

Comprehensive travel insurance plans take many forms. Our site has nearly 1200 different options that are narrowed down by the traveler and trip details, such as your destination, travel dates as well as traveler ages, residence and citizenship. After all that is taken into consideration, you could be left with upwards of 50 plans to choose from!

InsureMyTrip aims to take the headache out of choosing a travel insurance plan. We run each and every plan through our algorithm to find which plan is the best for you based on a variety of proprietary indicators and your travel insurance you provided. InsureMyTrip has found three plans that are great options for your trip that are tailored to various price points: the Superior Plan, the Strong Value Plan, and the Good Buy Plan.

What is the Superior Plan? Our Superior Plans have the most covered reasons for cancellation and interruption and the highest benefit limits for travel delay, baggage and emergency medical benefits.
What is the Strong Value Plan? Our Strong Value Plans provide excellent coverage at a moderate price providing a nice balance and blend between the two.
What is the Economy Plan? Our Economy Plans provide good coverage that fits most travelers’ needs.

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