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InsureMyTrip We have purchased insurance thru them several times . The variety of companies and their low prices are way better than our previous company ( which they also list ) .They cover everything. Beware insurance sold by cruise lines or travel companies they only cover the time that you are on that conveyance. Last cruise we got to use our insurance. This was the second time in 20 years. The first time it took months & many calls to get back $700. My wife had to see the doctor on the ship in the middle of the Atlantic. She had a small patch of shingles , she had gotten the shot years ago. Within a month of returning we got our $ 80 dollars back with 1 phone call & 1 email. Plus we got our exchange rate. Terrific !
InsureMyTrip I was having an amazing time in Vegas when my back went out. Wish it was due to such heavy winnings but I think it was more like the stress of late nights. My insurance purchased to Voyage GAM SPS Travel took care of the doctor’s visit, physio and my return flight home. I’ll never leave home without travel and medical insurange. Grateful to have had it.
InsureMyTrip Insure my trip is a great resource and we have purchased many policies here. However DO NOT USE GLOBAL ALERT as your carrier. They will find every reason why your policy does not cover what you thought it did even making up exclusions that are clearly not stated in the policy. Go elsewhere.
InsureMyTrip Very pleased with service. While I am a frequent independent traveller, I was new to travel insurance. I was slow in gathering information for a claim but 7 Seas was patient and came through with every penny of claim. I have now chosen 7 Seas for 2 additional foreign adventures. Hopefully, my husband and I will not need to make a claim again.
InsureMyTrip I bought this insurance for a mountaineering trip to Mexico which included a road trip to Mexico City and to the Gulf Coast beaches. During my stay along the coast I lost my watch in the ocean. I submitted a claim and was shocked how easy the process was. They sent me a check a few weeks later which overed the cost of my watch. I am so happy with this insurance. I will definitely use them on my next trip.
InsureMyTrip It was very easy to enroll. That was a big selling point.
InsureMyTrip Nice format, smooth . I pray I won't have to use it but at least I have comfort of having insurance .
InsureMyTrip Very efficient way to check out policies.
InsureMyTrip Great site for picking a plan that fits our needs. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. This is the fourth cruise that we have bought trip insurance.
InsureMyTrip Good value for benefits


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