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We could tell you all the reasons why InsureMyTrip is the best place on the internet for travel insurance, but don't take it from us. Instead, check out what other happy travelers have to say.

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InsureMyTrip The person who sold me a health plan today 12/19/13 went way beyond what I expected. She done a fabulous job and I am extremely pleased with the plan that she sold me.
InsureMyTrip I tend to "over analyze" everything about our trip planning. was a great tool to allow me to compare the many different options since there were four of us travelling and all of us had different needs for coverage.
InsureMyTrip My friend and I purchased a policy from for our trip to Ireland in September, 2013. My friend had a severe asthma attack and was hospitalized for several days in Ireland. InsureMyTrip paid for 100% of medical expenses incurred during the hospital stay. I would highly recommend this insurance and will use it on future trips.
InsureMyTrip Very impressed with all the insurance options.
InsureMyTrip I DO NOT like your new Web Site. Before you had coverage amounts for each area and I was able to look at 3 different plans at a time. I have been using Insure my trip .com for many years, and I find the new Web Site un acceptable. AAARRRGHHH bring back the old site.
InsureMyTrip We rented a car in Spain and one of the tires was permanently damaged. I paid for the rental by debit card, which has no coverage for this kind of accident. My policy through InsureMyTrip did, and they sent me a check for the exact amount charged!
InsureMyTrip Efficient and offers a good choice of competitive rates and plans.
InsureMyTrip Would highly recommend this website to anyone who wants the best policy for the money.
InsureMyTrip Quick! I recommend this approach to frequent travelers like us!
InsureMyTrip I love InsureMyTrip! Easily compare several plans according to specs and price.