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We could tell you all the reasons why InsureMyTrip is the best place on the internet for travel insurance, but don't take it from us. Instead, check out what other happy travelers have to say.

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InsureMyTrip I reached an agent right away. He was knowledgable and helpful.
InsureMyTrip Zach has been most helpful in explaining all the options available.
InsureMyTrip When comparing insurance plans this one seemed to be the best buy for the money.
InsureMyTrip Great people. A policy for any need and budget! I highly recommend InsureMyTrip!
InsureMyTrip Timely and efficient help!
InsureMyTrip We had to cancel our 30+ day land/cruise vacation 15 days before scheduled departure because I underwent emergency surgery. It took over 16 weeks, hours and hours of effort, many, many phone calls, at least 120 pages faxed (some of it multiple times) before our claim was finally paid. We did not realize TravelSafe uses a third party claim processor who is woefully slow and unresponsive. This website is useful and my contact person at Insuremytrip was ultimately helpful but dealing with the claims processing was worse than my surgery.
InsureMyTrip Anytime I travel, I think of Insure My Trip because I feel secure knowing that I have help. I have used their services in the past and the website and application process is so easy to complete and the process is quick. Thank you Insure My Trip for making travel secure.
InsureMyTrip Recommended by Frommers and, so far, so good.
InsureMyTrip This is my second purchase from Insure My Trip. Because of emergency surgery of a family member at home during my first trip, I had to change my flight plans, and Insure My Trip fully reimbursed the costs for the new flight. I appreciate the opportunity to compare several different companies and packages at one time and especially for the recommendations from the agents. They listened to me and were very knowledgeable about all the different plans and how my trip would be affected by each plan. They were great to work with!
InsureMyTrip Very easy to sign up to get insurance and to receive information. It will give me piece of mind having insurance for our trip.


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