4 Top Places Even Adults Can Enjoy!

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If you don’t have children, or your kids are almost grown up, travel during the summer can be very calculated. Most of us will decide a vacation destination by whether or not it will be teeming with germ-infested, anxious children who needed a nap two hours ago. I definitely have.

Now that school is back in session across the country, it’s the best time to visit those “kid-centric” destinations that finally will be free of most of the kiddos. In honor of traveling without kids, so you can become a kid again yourself, we have rounded up the top four places that even adults can enjoy!

Disney World – Let’s face it, most of Disney is marketed to the kiddos. But as an adult who has traveled there without children – I know you too can have a blast there! Travel around the world in Epcot Center to try the different beer from each nation. Enjoy the adult attractions that Boardwalk has to offer like Jellyrolls, the piano bar. For more ideas check out this great top 10 list.

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure – Marvel and DC comics, Jurassic Park attractions, Harry Potter World: just a few of the attractions in Islands of Adventure. Men in Black, Terminator, E.T., The Simpsons: just a few of the films featured in rides at Universal Studios. These are the names you’ll connect with the most! Leave the kids at home and get the most out of these experiences!

Cedar Point – Are you a thrill-seeking, adrenaline junky? Well – don’t miss out Cedar Point. They boast “BEST collection of roller coasters on the planet, four unique kids’ areas, fantastic food options, entertaining live shows and beach-front resorts.” It’s all the action and heart-racing you’ll need in one centrally located spot in Ohio. Let the fun begin!

A Zoo – Yes. This is vague, but no matter where you are in the country, you most likely have a zoo you can access. The key is to time a visit to the zoo when 1) the kids are back in school, 2) the weather is warm and 3) there is a new, limited-time attraction available to see. Panda bear’s being named in your local zoo? Check it out! Butterfly house closing in the next few weeks? Don’t miss out! Zoo’s have so much to offer, and honestly, the adults always get more out of than the kids.

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