Top European Destinations for Travelers

InsureMyTrip Customers’ Top European Destinations

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Most Popular European Travel Destinations Among Customers

We gathered the figures and tallied the numbers. Then, we pulled out the calculators and did the math! Here are the top European destinations InsureMyTrip customers have flocked to in the past year. Count down with us through the list and get suggestions on what you should look for on your next visit!

5. Germany

Germany - 5th Most Popular European Destination

From the height of the Alps to the currents of the Danube River, Germany is majestic. Castles line forest edges while urban locations hold architectural reminders to various historical eras.  Grab a Fischbrötchen and a Schwarzbier and enjoy the sites of Berlin!

4. Spain

Spain - 4th Most Popular European Destination

Dance the night away in Ibiza or stand in awe at the gates of the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain has something for everyone. Rich with art and strong in culture, the country offers masterpieces from such artists as Picasso to Goya. Travelers can smell the Paella as they wander through Barcelona. The rich culture keeps Spain among the top destinations for travelers year after year.

3. France

France - 3rd Most Popular European Destination

The Eiffel tower was never intended to be a permanent fixture of the Paris skyline, never mind an icon for the country! However, the landmark has made the country one of the top European destinations for vacations. From the summer shores of the French Riviera to winter peaks in Méribel, France continues to be a popular destination for InsureMyTrip customers. Visitors can seize the opportunity to buy that perfect croissant and window shop on Champs-Élysées.

2. United Kingdom

UK - 2nd Most Popular European Destination

Double-decker buses line the streets surrounding Big Ben as the London Eye spins in the background. Travelers can also watch the sun set at Stonehenge, only to see it rise over the River Thames in the morning. As a result, it’s no surprise that England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have found their way to the number 2 spot. The United Kingdom is both foreign yet familiar, especially for American travelers. There is much to experience and discover. Imagine yourself ordering fish and chips alongside the Tower Bridge!

And the most popular European travel destination is…

1. Italy

Italy - Top European Vacation Destination

From the ruins of the Roman Empire to the modern day eateries of the Piazza Navona, Italy blends the old with the new on every corner of the country. A proud nation, Italians are quick to share their traditions and culture with visitors. Additionally, the friendly people make Italy the perfect destination for new travelers who want to experience a totally different culture. Start your aperitivo off with a glass of Veneziano. Then deep dive into a bowl of Ribollita to end your night.

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