About Us

InsureMyTrip for Education is a subsidiary of InsureMyTrip and its parent company, IMT Services, Inc. Since its inception in 1997 and the launch of InsureMyTrip.com, the leading travel insurance comparison website, in 2000, IMT Services, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing quality insurance solutions in both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business interactions.

We launched InsureMyTrip for Education in 2014 in response to a growing demand from travelers who were looking for dedicated travel insurance products to keep students well-protected during their academic travel experience.

The travel insurance coverages on these plans for educational trips are unmatched by any other existing provider. They include exciting options like “Interruption for Any Reason,” an innovative coverage that offers additional safety measures to student travelers by allowing them to return home, no questions asked, if there is ever any doubt about their security or comfort while traveling.

We invite you to explore the InsureMyTrip for Education site and learn more about these unique product offerings. We believe that travel is one of life’s best teachers, and we’re committed to protecting those who want to learn from all that it has to offer.

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