Enrolling Students for Travel Insurance

For individual trips or yearly coverage, InsureMyTrip explains how to enroll students and your school in various travel insurance plans for Student Travel.

Options for Enrolling Students in Travel Insurance

Depending on how your institution wants to make insurance available to your students, InsureMyTrip for Education offers various approaches to enrollment.

A Group Going on a Trip Together

Group quoting on the InsureMyTrip for Education site is easy and does not require you to submit a roster. Simply enter the travelers' details into our quote engine and you'll get the appropriate plans in the results. For example, if you have 30 students and 5 faculty advisors traveling together, each group would be listed and assigned their own trip cost. You will need to cover all students, as our rule is if you insure one student, you will need to insure all students. The same is not true for faculty or chaperones. You can arrange that separately within your organization if the institution would like to assume the risk to cover the faculty and chaperones.

Multiple Trips

The most economical and fair way to provide travel insurance is to purchase the same plan for all students. This will eliminate conversations in the event of a claim where one student has coverage and another does not. These plans can also cover the faculty and chaperones that are traveling with the students. The process is pretty simple. You will fill out an online form (or you can download a PDF on the website, if that is preferable) with traveler and trip information. Or, if it is already prepared for your budgets, you can use a spreadsheet listing travel dates, destinations, number of travelers on each trip, and trip costs per traveler. Many administrators will already have this information compiled when their departments submit their budgets. We will take this information to our insurance underwriter and draft a plan that meets your needs. It will typically be in effect on a yearly basis and can be renewed or revised at the end of each term. This flexible plan design allows for an audit at the policy end. The plan must be in place for all participants traveling on school trips.

Student Discretion - The Individual Traveler

If the group does not choose to insure the trip together, you can point individual participants toward our website to purchase plans. They will make their own decision on whether or not to purchase a plan, and in many cases, they will choose the type of coverage to purchase unless you dictate otherwise. This approach shifts most of the responsibility from schools to students.

However, here are a few notes of caution:

When individuals are left alone to purchase travel insurance, you could find yourself having difficult conversations regarding one student having coverage and another not. Or, you may find that individuals are purchasing duplicative coverage. This is especially the case when there is a blanket travel medical or evacuation plan in place and the participant need only purchase trip cancellation, trip interruption, or both. It sometimes happens that the student will purchase a comprehensive plan thinking that it is best option, therefore paying more than they should. Be clear with parents and faculty that the option is there for them to purchase coverage, but the choice is theirs alone.

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