The Key to a Travel Insurance Claim: Staying Organized

Documentation is king. It’s important to have hard evidence of everything from transactions to medical treatments. When it comes to getting your child ready for an academic trip, be certain they know to document every item surrounding a claims event.

If you have bought a travel insurance plan through InsureMyTrip for Education, a confirmation of coverage, including a full copy of the plan, will be emailed to the address used on the purchase form. You will want to include this in your child’s suitcase (maybe even email it to them to have a digital spare). We also recommend you store a copy for yourself so you can reference it if need be.

If you purchased insurance through the school, they may not distribute confirmations to individual students. You can ask to see a copy of the master certificate; that may be helpful if a claim is filed.

Your child will be responsible for properly documenting any situation so they can submit a claim. This can range from doctors reports and medical invoices to receipts for purchases made during travel delays.

You may be your child’s biggest advocate during a claims process – especially if they are a minor. Be sure you understand their individual or group plan to know who to ask and what to do when filing a travel insurance claim.

Written by on 4/30/15.
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