Coverage if Your Child Experiences an Emergency

It’s probably your biggest concern as you prepare your child for student travel: what happens if there’s an emergency and I’m not there to help?

While nothing will help to ease your anxiety about not being physically present should something happen, there are several coverage options built into InsureMyTrip for Education travel insurance plans designed to help your child, and you, feel safe and protected in an emergency.

Fewer exclusions for cancellations. Our plans allow schools and students to be more cautious about safety than a traditional travel insurance plan might. In general, traditional plans don’t usually allow for cancellation of a trip due to CDC warnings (not available in all states), State Department alerts or political/civil unrest in host countries.

However, because parents need to feel absolutely comfortable that their children will be safe and protected while traveling for educational purposes, our plans provide coverage for cancellation of a planned trip for these reasons and others.

Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR). Although this is not available for all travelers, this unique travel insurance benefit is available on some of our plans. It allows students to interrupt their scheduled travel and return home for any reason whatsoever, without the usual restrictions and exclusions contained in most traditional travel insurance policies.

IFAR provides families the peace of mind to know their children can come home regardless of the reason, like homesickness. IFAR can reimburse up to 75% of prorated non-refundable costs that you might incur if your child returns home ahead of schedule, and up to $5,000 in unused tuition costs.

Emergency Medical Coverage. Some of the comprehensive student travel insurance plans we offer feature benefits such as emergency medical evacuation and emergency sickness coverage. These can assist your child in accessing appropriate medical care when away from home.

Plans that don’t offer any medical benefits are generally suitable for students whose schools have arranged to cover student medical care under their liability insurance, rather than through travel insurance plans.

In either case, should your child become sick or injured while away from home, their school would be able to quickly coordinate with the insurance company to arrange for necessary care and, if needed, evacuation services to get them to the best available medical facility. Emergency Medical Coverage is only available on the All Inclusive plan.

Written by on 4/24/15.
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