Apps to Download for International Travel

We know you are glued to your smart phone. Luckily, with the nearly global use of wifi – you can keep it with you and actually use it during your trip. You’ll have tons of things to keep track of when you’re overseas from your budget to class notes. Don’t worry – there’s an app for that.

  1. Skype - Your contact list is going to get a lot bigger – and the rate per minute is probably going to skyrocket. But not if you have a Skype number. Not only can you use Skype as a messaging system, but you can use it for video and voice calling. You can use Skype for free if you contact another Skype number, but rates go as low as 0.01 if you want to call a landline or cellphone unrelated to Skype. Worth it.
  2. Google Translator – Not everyone is traveling to a non-English speaking country, but if you are – this is probably going to be your favorite app. You can interact with people who don’t speak your native tongue. Just don’t rely on it too much. Remember to try and learn the language of the country you’re visiting. It's available for apple products and android products .
  3. Evernote – Studying is supposed to be a large part of your trip abroad. Take it from someone who has been there – those finals sneak up on you. You are so immersed in this new culture when you aren’t in class, you hardly have time to study. Evernote allows you to record and take notes on lectures you’ll need to reference later in the semester. It could be your key to a passing grade.
  4. Foodspotting – Don’t care where you eat as long it’s the best pad thai you’ve ever eaten? This is the app for you. Instead of reviewing the restaurant, users snap a photo and review the actual dish. It’s used globally, but expect more results if you use it in an urban area.
  5. Skyscanner – You are a world traveler now; no one expects you to stay put and twiddle your thumbs on the weekends. If you are looking to bounce around the region, check out Skyscanner. You can scan through hundreds of flights from your city. You can find the ones that fit your jet-setting budget and adventurous outlook. They also have separate apps for hotels and car rentals!
  6. Mint – Afraid of running your credit card debt to its max? Keep track of your credit cards, bank accounts and budgets with this app, even overseas. You can set up a budgets for monthly needs or your total trip. Stay aware to your financial situation and avoid that awkward call home to ask for more money.
  7. Triposo – With over 25,000 destinations to choose from, you are probably not traveling somewhere outside of the Triposo community. Download the app, load your destination and you’ll find instant access to the best places to find your favorite food, local beers or the tastiest dessert. But you’ll also get maps of your destination with bus stops, pharmacies and police stations. Best of all? This all works offline – you know, just in case you take a wrong turn in the Egyptian city of Mount Sinai and can’t find your way back.
Written by on 4/14/15.
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