Fit to Travel on the Date of Purchase

When purchasing a travel insurance policy to cover for trip cancellation, either because of a traveler's illness or a family member's, in order for the policy to be considered valid, you must be considered medically fit to travel as of purchasing the policy.

In other words, you must be in good enough health that a physician would give you the "all clear" to have gone on your trip the day you took out the policy. This is especially important if you're looking to have a pre-existing conditions waiver included in your policy.

When we talk about non-traveling family members, 'fit to travel' is more of a way of defining whether or not a family member is in good health. In this case, as long as the family member in question is not already ill, injured, or in the hospital there are going to be options for covering cancellation if they should become unexpectedly ill or injured.

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Define "pre-existing condition. Would an episode of pneumonia, treated and resolved contitute a pre-existing condition?


Unfortunately, since we are not licensed physicians and we cannot predetermine claims, we would not be able to determine specific illnesses as a pre-existing condition. We can provide a better definition of Pre-Existing Conditions. Each plan has a Pre-Existing Condition Period, The Pre-Existing condition period is the number of days that the insurance company will "look back" from the date the insurance was purchased, to see if your claim is related to a Pre-Existing Medical Condition. If the reason you are canceling, interrupting or seeking medical coverage is related to pre-existing conditions there will be no coverage. A Pre-Existing Condition is any treatment, diagnostic tests or exams, any recommendations for diagnostic test or exams, or any adjustments in medication up or down within the pre-existing condition period stated (depending on the company, 60 days to 3 years prior to the effective date). Most policies will offer a waiver of pre-existing conditions if you meet the following conditions: You purchase the policy within 10 to 21 days of making your first trip payment; insure ALL prepaid non-refundable expenses prior to your departure date; and be medically fit to travel the day you purchase the policy.
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