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With over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, Global Underwriters has become an industry leader in the development, administration, and marketing of international life and health insurance products.

  • Offers plans to cover both travelers and international businesses
  • Custom designed coverage provides the benefits that are most important to international travelers

We offer the Global Underwriters Diplomat International Single Trip Travel Medical Plan, which is available to those traveling outside of their home country (except for travel to the U.S.). A unique benefit of this plan is the available coverage for Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation.

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Diplomat International

  • Travel medical coverage
  • For travel outside of home country (except to U.S.)
  • Multiple medical limit options
  • Political and natural disaster evacuation benefits
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Global Underwriters
Diplomat International
Agent was very helpful, professional and courteous with the selection process. Our experience has always been most positive. Fortunately, no claim on policy was necessary. Thanks for the great service and products.
Lawrence G.
Global Underwriters
Diplomat International
I was happy with the affordable price.
Pia W.
Global Underwriters
Diplomat International
I would recommend the Global Underwriters Diplomat International plan. I felt protected for unforeseen health issues or accidental injuries that may have happened during my vacation. Very reasonable cost for the value offered, and I am very much the budget traveler!
Catherine G.
Global Underwriters
Diplomat International
I really like the coverage levels available on the plan. We are retired now, so we are on Medicare. Although we are healthy, we feel we need insurance when outside the country. By choosing a higher deductible, the plan is a great bargain.
Linda K.
Global Underwriters
Diplomat International
Easy to review, understand and sign up for.
Jon P.
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