How to Help Travel Clients Planning a Romantic Getaway

Last updated on 04/17/2024

A couple planning a romantic getaway can face a few challenges, but none is more pressing than what to do. The places that couples go and the activities they share have a big influence on whether they end the trip with warm, fuzzy feelings.

These types of predicaments are ones where you, a travel agent, could be the perfect solution for couples in need. To help build a game plan that empowers you to connect with clients, we've collected tips for assessing your customers' needs, romantic vacation ideas that we hope come in handy, and recommendations for how to help your clients stay protected with honeymoon insurance and other types of travel coverage.

What Kind of Travel Couple are Your Clients?

Every couple is unique, so understanding their travel preferences is essential to planning a romantic getaway for them. You should speak with your customers to understand, in their own words, what kind of travel couple they are, and here's a little info to help you anticipate what their preferences could be.

Different types of travel couples could include:

  • Adventurous Explorers whose romantic vacation ideas include thrilling experiences like hiking, zip-lining, snorkeling, and more
  • Luxury Seekers who appreciate the finer things, and want to relax in absolute comfort while enjoying top-notch service
  • Culture Enthusiasts who love immersing themselves in the local culture, art, history, and cuisine of their chosen locale
  • Nature Lovers who can always find amazement in the great outdoors, sweeping views, and potentially even wildlife encounters
  • City Escapists who thrive in the lights, the sounds, and the hustle of urban life

Understanding the unique preferences and personalities of your clients will enable you to tailor romantic vacation ideas to their specific tastes.

Romantic Vacation You Can Use

Once you've identified the type of travel couple your clients are, it's time to help them finish planning a romantic getaway. Don't worry—we've got some ideas to help you get started.

Great romantic getaways for your couples clients could be:

  • Quiet Seaside Retreats with nothing on the agenda but sandy beaches, gently lapping waves, an icy beverage and endless, clear blue skies. Try suggesting destinations like the Seychelles, Fiji, or another blissful beach getaway that includes a resort, a room with a view, or candlelit dinners on the shore.
  • European Escapes can send couples on a journey through some of the world's most romantic cities (and we don't just mean Paris). Suggest an adventure where couples can enjoy the idyllic charm of cobblestone streets and enchanting cafes. Ideal itineraries could include Venice, Santorini, or even Prague—places where couples can create timeless memories amidst iconic beauty.
  • Snowy Getaways can give couples the chance to embrace winter's delights with cozy trips to luxurious lodge destinations. Some locales worth suggesting are Aspen, Whistler, or the Swiss Alps, where opportunities for skiing abound, and the end of the day promises a wonderful respite in front of a warm, welcoming fire.

Protecting Couples Getaways with Travel Insurance

When planning a romantic getaway, it’s always worth suggesting your customers consider travel insurance for couples. When taking a trip for two, travelers and their significant others should be able to focus on enjoying their relationship, not worrying about the obstacles that could arise. If setbacks do occur on their travels however, it could ruin the romantic mood—especially if your customers aren’t financially protected by something like honeymoon insurance.

If travel insurance for couples interests your customers, tell them they may find the best plan for their needs by comparing options on As the world’s first travel insurance comparison website, InsureMyTrip lets couples compare coverage options from top providers, helping them make informed decisions that could protect them if they experience travel delays, lost or damaged luggage, need for medical attention while on vacation, and more.

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