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Allianz Global Assistance knows insurance; considering a clientele that dates back to the Wright Brothers. Allianz Travel Insurance, a division of Allianz Global Assistance, builds trip insurance plans with specific attributes that many travelers find appealing.


When you purchase an Allianz plan, you aren’t only purchasing the experience and expertise of a long-time insurance company. You are also purchasing commitment to your travel protection and satisfaction.

  • Each plan has a specified review period, determined by your state of residence, to look over the plan details.
  • You can cancel your travel insurance plan at any time prior to leaving for your trip, as long as you haven’t filed a claim.

Allianz has been in business for over 20 years, providing travel insurance solutions to a wide range of travelers. All of their plans are underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company or BCS Insurance, depending on your state of residency. They are headquartered Virginia.


  • 24-hour assistance hotline available with all plans to help with your traveling needs.
  • Plans vary with benefit limits and add-on options to fit any travel budget.
  • 20+ years’ experience has grown Allianz to one of the world’s largest travel insurance providers.

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I like coverage in case something happens. Things worked out well. ]
Aurelio V.
Although I did not have to use the insurance, I felt it was important since I had to make it to a cruise via air. I also wanted it for that extra cushion if I became ill or a close family member needed me. The insurance was a bit less than the price the cruise ship offered, plus I was able to insure my airfare as well.
Kelly .
Very easy and simple enrollment procedure. Was happy with that. gave me the security I was looking for. Price is OK. Will use you on my next trip.
Leon S.
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