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Diplomat America is temporarily unavailable for purchase from InsureMyTrip.
Travelers who have already purchased this plan can access their certificate in the confirmation email and/or their user account. You can find claim and contact information here.

Global Underwriters Diplomat America

The Global Underwriters Diplomat America plan is a single-trip travel medical plan, covering non-U.S. residents for trips to the United States. This plan is only available for purchase within six months of your departure date, but can be purchased after you have left your home. The trips must be at least 15 days in length, and cannot exceed 365 days.

The Diplomat America plan from Global Underwriters features a variety of medical coverage limits, based on the age of the traveler. Travelers up to the age 59 can select an Emergency Medical limit of up to $1,000,000. This limit, however, changes for travelers between 60 and 69; their benefit maximum is $250,000. The medical limit for travelers ages 70 to 79 is set to a maximum of $100,000, and travelers 80+ are set at $20,000.

Along with the varied options for the medical limit, the deductible can be set at a range from $0 to $5,000. It’s important to note, however, that there is an Emergency Room Deductible of $250, regardless of the deductible chosen at the time of purchase. The look back period for pre-existing medical conditions is 24 months. This means that if any medical care is needed while you are traveling that relates to any changes in medication, any diagnostic testing, any treatment, or any recommendations for such that had taken place within the last 24 months, there may not be coverage.

As with many travel medical plans, this plan includes the Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit. This benefit has a limit of $500,000. The Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit will help to ensure the traveler reaches a medical facility that is capable and adequate to perform care for an injury or illness. The Diplomat America plan also considers you may not be traveling alone. This coverage also includes the Return of Minor Children Benefit and an Emergency Medical Reunion Benefit. This, if applicable, would provide up to $50,000 to perform these transports.

This plan is available for up to two adults and dependent children or to children traveling alone. The minimum age requirement for this plan is 14 days old.

If you are going to be particularly adventurous on your United States trip, you may consider adding the Low Option Athletic Sports and Hazardous Activities rider to the plan. This will open the Emergency Medical coverage to include a variety of sports and activities that typically would not be listed as a covered reason for coverage. You can find the full list in the certificate information below.

The Diplomat America plan does not only have medical benefits for travelers. It also has select travel benefits as well. For instance, travelers may be pleased to find that the plan also includes trip interruption coverage, dental coverage, and coverage for baggage loss or delay. Not only that, but the plan also includes Political and Natural Disaster Benefit if your trip is affected by political unrest or a natural disaster.

Lastly, the plan includes a unique amount of benefits within the Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage. It includes Paralysis Benefit, Coma Benefit, Seat Belt and Airbag Benefit, Felonious Assault Benefit, and Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification Benefit. All of these benefits are clarified in the certificate.