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IMT Services

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IMT Services offers travel protection products for specific trip types. These products do not compete with other plans offered on and are available only by request.


IMT Services offers unique travel protection products for specific travel groups and trip types.

For any questions about IMT Services plans, please contact our licensed Customer Care team.


  • InsureMyTrip has over 20 years of experience helping travelers find the right plan for their trip
  • Specifically built travel protection products
  • Customers are supported by our licensed customer care team to answer questions

Customer Ratings and Reviews

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We had to cancel my daughter's trip due to an injury that required surgery. I was pleased that the company sent us a check for the entire insured amount without any fuss after I filed the claim. Will definitely use them for future trips.
Hope F.
Since my wife does not travel with me, having this plan provides me with the psychological comfort that allows me to concentrate on and benefit from the travel experiences themselves.
John S.
I wanted to have a little extra insurance on my business trip to Thailand just to help out my loved ones in case the unthinkable might occur. Getting a little extra insurance was easy and the price was reasonable. I appreciate this insurance and plan on applying for it on future trips.
Joseph H.
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