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IMT Services builds their travel insurance plans to fill specific gaps they see in the travel insurance market. As is an online comparison site of the top plans in the travel insurance industry, the parent company works to create plans that do not compete with these plans but provide plans for which travelers are looking.


IMT Services Corporation is the parent company of and based in Rhode Island. The corporation is privately held and launched in June of 2000. The founders have provided travel insurance products to the online community since 1995, but have been in the general insurance industry for over thirty years.

The plans provided by IMT Services are backed by a strong force of customer care representatives who are licensed experts. The IMT Services customer care team is fully licensed in every state. They are available to answer any questions you may have on your plan before, during and after your trip.


  • Over 30 years of insurance experience and 20 years of travel insurance experience
  • Specifically built plans to fill a gap in the travel insurance market
  • Plans supported by strong, licensed customer care team to answer questions

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Plan worked: I’m still breathing.
Daniel J.
I like your service because it is reasonably priced. There are lots of options. It is comforting to know that I had the coverage I needed. Thanks and keep up the good work! I have already recommended it to others who plan to use the service.
Jana N.
I very much appreciated the degree of confidence it gave me. I travel overseas often leaving my wife, who does not like to travel, at home. I would like to see the option of having insurance added that would cover the flights needed to get to a US departure/return Port of Entry/Exit.
John S.
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