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When you purchase a MH Ross plan, you are backed by a team of experienced specialists and technical experts in the travel insurance industry. They work together to ensure every customer is provided with prompt, professional service. They strive to anticipate your needs and solve problems before they occur.


MH Ross, headquartered in Missouri, is an award-winning organization that has been creating customer business insurance programs since 1952. They really know travel insurance, considering they designed its first custom travel insurance program in 1961. They provide coverage that is flexible, usable and affordable.

If they can’t solve the issue BEFORE it occurs, they will work hard to make sure it is solved in a timely, stress free manner. The staff listens to what you have to say and your concerns. They will answer your questions and try to help solve your travel-related concerns to the best of their ability.

If you call and cannot reach specialist, all of the customer calls will be returned within 24 hours of the original call. Most calls are returned the same day!

All of these plans, underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, will waive the pre-existing condition exclusion if purchased within 15 days of the initial trip payment (and all eligibility requirements are met). If you are planning to travel during hurricane season, all of these plans also include specific trip cancellation coverage allowing you to cancel your trip if there is an official hurricane warning for your destination within 24 hours of your scheduled departure date.


  • Over 50 years of experience designing travel insurance plans for world travelers.
  • Coverage is flexible, usable and affordable.
  • All plans have pre-existing condition waivers available.

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We had a minor claim of $204 for a hotel night and food related to a cancelled flight on our return home. I did submit all the required claim documentation with perhaps a little overkill. They paid us in full with no hassle. It did take a little longer than expected at about 23 days from the date they received our claim to the date we received their check. We will certainly use them again.
jeffrey M.
Good plan, no pricier than any other. From a consumer point of view it was the best choice, however, trip insurance is not cheap.
Susan J.
It gives us peace of mind to insure our big trips. We have only filed claims twice, but were promptly and generously reimbursed.
Robert E.
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