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Travel Insurance Reviews Generali Global Assistance Custom

The Custom plan is the more economical of the two plans offered by CSA. This plan offers comprehensive Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverage if you have to cancel or interrupt for one of the listed covered reasons. This plan also offers coverage for missed cruise connections ad concierge services.

To learn more, see the CSA Travel Protection Custom product page.

Customers who have visited Peru rated the Generali Global Assistance Custom plan
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The trip included a
Generali Global Assistance Custom
Was hospitalized for food poisoning. Had to first file a claim with health insurance to determine was travel insurance would pay. Lots of documentation that I didn't have such as invoice for airline ticket purchased in foreign country. Luckily, when I asked for it through the credit card company and the airline didn't respond, the credit card company treated it as a disputed charge and gave me a credit.
Just make sure that you get every kind of documentation you can when you are there such as hospital records, receipts for cab rides, etc!
Andrea C. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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  • Carol
    It's unfortunate that you came down with food poisoning during your trip, but we trust that the discomfort is gone and your excellent health has returned.

    Although no one wants to plan for a claim before it happens, Generali, as well as most of our other providers, have a website for those travelers wishing to file a claim online:
    We recommend that you visit the travel insurer's website before you travel and review the claims information provided. Along with including claim forms for you to complete and submit, Generali also provides you with a list other documents that may be needed when submitting a claim. Please just remember that documentation varies depending upon the type of claim you're filing and depending upon the event that resulted in your loss.
    Sep 28,2018
The trip included a
Generali Global Assistance Custom
We had a travel interruption because my travel companion got sick in the mountains of Peru. She is a healthy person so it was totally unexpected. This is a first time I filed the claim with insurance though I've bought it already for every trip since it covers the trip with different providers and modestly priced. Major disappointment went with Travel Assistance part (Europe Assistance I believe).
They a) did not provide any recommendations/money when the interruption was reported. b) Did not give the payment warranty letter to the doctor though he filed the necessary documents in English immediately and was already associated with the insurance group, licensed and most outrageous-
c) they changed our previous flight reservation in such a way that it was much worse for us without the approval from our side. No e-mail confirmation , no adequate help - nothing just phone calls/messages to my cell phone with USA number.( they could not be returned immediately because of international connection problems). What assumed to be a toll free calls from Peru of course had International Roaming charges. Fortunately we recovered money spent on the phone through the claim process and LAN airline assisted us to get the flight we need, but we'd not be in that situation if Europe Assistance did not cancel our reservation on the first place.
Contrary to that awful experience in Pery the claim process by CSA was fast and efficient. After we submitted all necessary papers (very long list), we received checks with no additional problems. Still in the process of recovering medical expenses.
Inessa G. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
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