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TravCan from InsureAssist is an economy comprehensive trip cost protection plan which covers you in the event that you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered reason. As well as including trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage, the plan also includes baggage, travel delay, medical, emergency medical evacuation and accidental death and dismemberment coverages.

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Customers who have visited Italy rated the InsureAssist TravCan plan
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InsureAssist TravCan
Although a very experienced international traveler (visited more than 70 countries and made at least 25 round-the-world trips), I had never before purchased travel insurance. Several of the provisions and restrictions surprised me, e.g., pre-existing medical conditions, but now that I understand the rules, I anticipate no more surprises.

I purchased travel insurance for my recent vacation at the recommendation of several co-traveling friends. Fortunately, my wife and I had no problems, but one of our friends broke her wrist and had to cut short the trip - they purchased their insurance through a different company then did I, so I assume they are in the process of filing a claim and will eventually get reimbursed the appropriate amount. Their experience has convinced me that trip insurance is a wise purchase, especially for expensive, non-business travel.

However, although I will purchase insurance from the same company in the future (because of ease-of-use and minimum hassle), I do have 2 concerns:

1. Documentation - since I do not have to file a claim, I have no experience with the requirements of my current insurance provider. But, based on my friend’s recent accident, this seems to be an inordinate amount of paperwork required, which obviously necessitated many phone calls and several visits to hospitals and doctors. Fourthly, we had 2 doctors with us on our trip and they were able to authenticate some of the documentation. But, although I am admittedly not an insurance professional, there did seem to be a requirement for a lot of (in my opinion, redundant and duplicative) paperwork.
2. Price - again, although I am not an insurance professional (but a very experienced business owner) and have no idea of the cost structure of this service, the price did seem very high. Obviously, from my friend’s perspective, when you have a problem and require reimbursement, insurance become very valuable. However, from my own experience (as I said, I am a very experienced international traveler with literally hundreds of flights and a few million frequent flyer miles), I do not understand why the cost is so high - my recent insurance purchase was about 4% of the insured value.

Other than concerns about the administration/documentation requirements and costs, I was very satisfied with the service and would recommend this insurance provider to my friends.
Thomas S. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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