Ten Thousand Travel Insurance Reviews

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When we created our Ratings and Reviews forum, we didn’t know that in just one year, we’d receive 10,000 reviews of our products, making Ratings and Reviews on InsureMyTrip.com not just another tool for our users, but the largest collection of unbiased travel insurance reviews anywhere in the industry.

Thanks to our dedicated customers, we now have ten thousand (and still climbing!) pieces of valuable insight to help all the members of the InsureMyTrip community.  Ten thousand star ratings.  Ten thousand ways to differentiate between plans.  Ten thousand voices contributing to the conversation, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly — all unbiased, unedited, and available to anyone who’s interested in what other travelers have to say about their insurance purchases.

In this day and age, hearing from others about their purchases is a crucial element in any online shopping experience.  With an important and often challenging product like travel insurance, it’s even more valuable to hear from your fellow travelers about the plans they’ve bought.  Which ones are the best value for the money?  Which offered the most comprehensive benefits?  Which have the most trustworthy and satisfactory claims processes?  Which companies, coverages, and plans can you trust?

No one wants to make a mistake when they’re buying insurance.  Thanks to all of the customers who have taken the time to add their reviews to our site, we now have ten thousand ways to help you get it right.  And because we’re so grateful to our wonderful customers for providing their feedback to benefit our whole community of travelers, we’ve partnered with Ten Thousand Waves Spa near Santa Fe, New Mexico to provide our lucky 10,000th reviewer with a weekend getaway.  Christine from Des Moines, Iowa has been offered the chance to relax with a loved one at the Japanese-style resort and spa and receive the full complement of services that Ten Thousand Waves has to offer.  Congratulations to Christine, and sincere thanks to Deborah Fleig and the entire team at Ten Thousand Waves for providing this generous prize.


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  1. Great post. Found it very interesting. You are correct in saying no one wants to make a mistake when buying insurance.

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