NEW! Food Experiences on the High Seas

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Cruises are known for offering plenty of food options to its passengers. And now, Princess Cruises is gearing up to take the food experience to a whole new level.

The cruiseline is collaborating with food experts in key regional cruise destinations, to give guests more authentic and exclusive experiences ashore. The initiative, called Global Partners + Local Experts, will launch this summer and feature partnerships with Cruise Europe, Cruise Baltic and MedCruise.

“Our research has revealed that our guests want to authentically connect with the destination, people and culture,” said Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises. “And while Princess has always been a destination leader, this is a powerful new way to showcase our expertise by enhancing the guest experience in each port both before and during the cruise. Through engaging stories from people who live there, exclusive guest experiences and expert recommendations, we want to inspire our guests and help them create lifelong memories.”

Here are some examples of the programs available:

Experience Glasgow:

Meet Andrew Hemphill, the Port Director for Greenock, the port for Glasgow. Andrew is part of the Cruise Europe team and one of the line’s Glasgow local experts. A lifelong Glaswegian, Andrew describes his favorite place, Glasgow Cathedral.

Experience Helsinki:

Meet Kim and Jan Long, tour operators in Helsinki. They are part of the Cruise Baltic team and are Helsinki local experts. Kim and Jan are brothers, and are the head of a multi-generational family-owned tour company with over 20 years of local experience.

Experience Florence/Livorno:

Meet Giovanni Spadoni the Commercial Director of the port for Liovorno. Giovanni is part of the Med Cruise team and one of the line’s Tuscan regional experts. Giovanni describes how Livorno is the gateway to many places and experiences.

In addition to the film project the program will include a number of other destination-based elements including local speakers; exclusive guest experiences in port; new tour programs and tours; partner port guides and walking maps; new port welcome and departure experiences; and an insider’s guide including “cool things” made in each port.

All three programs will debut during the upcoming 2016 summer season.

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

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