Frequent flier miles and credit card points are not considered insurable by most insurance companies. Some companies will include a benefit dedicated to covering the cost of redepositing the miles and others will allow you to insure the cost of re-booking fees, but you would not be able to include the face value or the miles in your total trip cost.

Fees and taxes associated with the miles, however, are considered an insurable cost. This includes any money you are required to spend to purchase additional miles to make up the difference in ticket cost if what you have accumulated is not enough, since you're paying out-of-pocket for the difference.

Also, while most airlines do allow you to redeposit frequent flier miles into your account if you will be unable to use them, some will not allow this and consider the miles to be 'spent' even if you have to cancel the flight. In this event (and ONLY in this event) the company Travel Insured will allow you to include the cost of the tickets purchased with miles in your trip cost.