Travelers take risks when they book trips during stormy seasons. Winter storms can shut down airports, train stations and even whole cities; high wind gusts can ground flights; and hurricane season comes with complications of its own.

What can you do as a traveler to make sure they are protected in the event that Mother Nature doesn’t comply with their plans? Purchasing travel insurance can provide many important benefits, as long as you understand what kind of coverage you are buying.

In the case of a standard weather-related cancelation or delay, travel insurance can offer coverage that reimburses for the costs incurred. If the delay lasts six hours or more (depending on your policy), reimbursement for incidental expenses for necessities like food and temporary lodging may be available. Some providers help make arrangements for alternative lodging and transportation as needed; such as get a seat on another flight, change a rental car reservation or get a room at a nearby hotel. Some policies may even assist in catching up to a cruise ship that has already left port.

However, none of these benefits would be available if the delays and inconveniences experienced were related to a “known peril” – that is a weather event that is predicted BEFORE purchasing the policy. So don’t hesitate. If there is even a remote chance that your travel plans will be impacted by a weather event, it’s wise to purchase a policy as soon as the first payment is made. If you wait until a tropical storm, winter storm or hurricane has already been identified to purchase your policy, any disruption to your travel plans resulting from that identified storm would be excluded from coverage.

Mother Nature is unpredictable – that is why a comprehensive policy for your trip is generally a good investment. InsureMyTrip can help you find the right policy for you and explain the coverage to keep your travel less stressful and full of fun.


When is it too late?

You probably know that buying travel insurance to protect your trip during hurricane season is a smart idea, but did you know that once a storm has been named, it may be too late to buy some of the benefits you really need? This coverage chart shows why we recommend buying your travel insurance before a storm threatens your plans.


The Storm is Named


the Storm is Named
Destination Uninhabitable
Primary Residence Uninhabitable
Storm-Related Travel Delay
Storm-Related Common Carrier Cancellations
Death in the Family
*Cancel for Work Reasons
*Cancel for Any Reason
Sudden Unemployment

*Time-sensitive benefit. Depending on the insurance plan you purchase, you may need to buy your travel insurance within 10-30 days of making your first trip payment in order to be eligible for these benefits.