High Travel Insurance Claims Predicted After the Holidays, Expect Delays

Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., Dec. 19, 2022 -- InsureMyTrip anticipates an increase in travel insurance claims during the busy 2022 holiday travel season – with the most common claims expected to be trip cancellations or delays due to flight issues or health reasons.

If the summer travel season is any indication of what is to come, you can expect some issues at the airport over the holidays. The experts at InsureMyTrip say a travel insurance policy can save you money and stress if something unexpected ruins your trip.

While InsureMyTrip does not handle claims directly (those are handled by providers), we have some tips to help expedite the travel insurance claims process.

Before You Go

While you may hope to never need to use your travel insurance policy, there are a couple of things to do to set yourself up for success if you must file a claim.

  1. Know your plan: Carefully read the wording in your policy to understand coverage details and the claims process.
  2. Take photos: If your bags are stolen or lost, having photos of the items in those bags prior to departure will come in handy.

During Your Trip

While on vacation, here are some important steps to take in the event something interrupts your trip.

  1. Contact your provider: If an issue arises during your trip, such as needing to seek medical attention, it may help to contact your insurance provider's 24-hour emergency assistance line. A representative can advise you regarding nearby hospitals and doctors.
  2. Keep all documents: Save your receipts and proof of expenses to be accurately reimbursed. Here is a list of the types of documentation you should keep:
    • Receipts and itemized bills for all expenses
    • Unused travel tickets and proof of payment for those tickets
    • Explanation of diagnosis from doctor and the medical bill
    • Police report for stolen items or car accident report
    • Proof from airline that baggage was lost or delayed

Note: It is important to get this documentation during your trip and, if possible, at the time of the incident. That information can be difficult to get after the fact or once you're back home.

After Your Trip

During the holidays, claims may take additional time to process because of volume, so don't wait to file a claim. Some plans may even have cut-off dates.

InsureMyTrip recommends submitting a claim on the provider's online portal, when possible. This can help speed things up and allow you to check the status of your claim. If it has been more than three months without a decision, InsureMyTrip representatives can help contact the provider to see what's holding things up.

What if Your Claim is Denied?

Sometimes, a claim is denied. If this happens, InsureMyTrip customers can have their claim reviewed by one of our Anytime Advocates®.

All InsureMyTrip customers have access to our Anytime Advocates® program. This unique service is designed to save you time and money by contacting the travel insurance provider directly to find out why a claim was denied and dispute the denial – if necessary.

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