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Anytime Advocates® Save Travelers Over $1,000,000

Sometimes, a claim is denied by the insurance company. When this happens, InsureMyTrip customers have the option to have their claim reviewed.

All travelers that purchase a policy through InsureMyTrip have access to our Anytime Advocates® program. This unique program is designed to save our travelers time and money:

Claims assistance

Receive expert advice on how to navigate the claims process and file a claim properly with your travel insurance provider.

Dispute resolution

Anytime Advocates® will check the status of a claim. If a claim is denied, an advocate will work on behalf of the customer to learn why or to help with the appeal process.

  • Travelers save over 1,000,000 dollars since our travel insurance claims advocacy program began in 2009
  • Over ninety percent of our claims advocacy customers were satisfied with the outcome

“We understand travel insurance policies better than anyone else in the industry. If you buy directly from a travel insurance provider, you’ll pay the same price for a policy — but you won’t get us. We go to bat for you and work hard to get your covered travel insurance claim paid,” says InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace.

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