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Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., Sept. 12, 2019 -- Today, InsureMyTrip, an unbiased travel insurance resource for millions of travelers, is proud to announce the launch of Tips & Trips, an educational podcast. The podcast, available on popular hosting platforms, aims to empower travelers with thoughtful insight. Beginning this week, listeners can tune in to hear in-depth interviews with representatives from the American Red Cross, AARP, InsureMyTrip and many others.

The Tips & Trips Podcast takes a refreshing approach to discuss the latest travel news and information with insight from inspiring guests. Each episode offers listeners a chance to learn from an industry expert on a wide range of travel topics — including how to plan a successful trip and how world events may affect travelers. Host Zartman also dedicated a few episodes to talking specifically about weather events and travel behaviors.

"People value experiences over material items more than ever, and it has changed the way we travel," says Podcast Host Abbey Zartman. "As travel behavior continues to evolve, our goal is to better understand that experience, and become a go-to guide."

Listeners can stream the episodes on iTunes, Spotify, and more. Viewers will also soon be able to watch video clips of each episode on InsureMyTrip's rapidly expanding social media platforms.

Tips & Trips Podcast Reviews:

Interesting episode! I learned a lot about weather and how it can affect travel plans. The host has a very calming voice and was able to keep to conversation engaging. The guest was able to present data in a way that was easy for me to understand. I'm looking forward to future episodes!

Very informative, a great listen. The first episode was fantastic. There was a ton of information compacted into an easily digestible time frame and I learned quite a bit. The host makes the conversation flow so well and they made me think about travel in a way I hadn't before! Worth the listen, you'll learn a lot!

About Tips & Trips Podcast

A podcast guide for travel tips on the fly. Each episode we'll explore different tips with local guides, cover travel world news with experts, and answer all of your travel questions along the way.

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