Get a Cruise Insurance Quote

Cruise insurance is especially important to consider when booking a cruise because of the unique multi-leg nature of traveling by cruise ship. Depending on the plan, cruise travel insurance can protect you if you miss a leg of your trip or have an emergency evacuation from the sea. When traveling abroad by ship, cruise trip insurance can cover you for unexpected medical issues. We invite you to get a personalized insurance quote for your cruise and compare the available plans. If you are primarily interested in emergency medical coverage, please read more about our travel health insurance plans we have available.

However, it's important to be cautious about where you get travel insurance for a cruise. Typically, to find the best and most robust cruise insurance it's most advisable to look at cruise insurance reviews and then buy travel insurance for your cruise from a third-party source — not from the cruise line itself or from a booking site. These types of travel insurance plans tend to be limited in their coverage and may not include the essential benefits you need for your individual comfort and safety. They may be written in a way that is more likely to benefit the cruise line operator rather than the cruiser. Our online insurance comparison app now recommends cruise insurance plans for travelers who identify they are traveling by cruise. Whenever you purchase travel insurance for a cruise, make sure to find out what type of coverage is available to you for the following concerns:

Emergency Medical Care

If you should unexpectedly fall ill or become injured while you're on your cruise, you'll need some sort of medical insurance coverage to offset the expense of the care you receive. Many cruisers don't know that their home medical insurance provider may not cover any care they receive outside of their home country and some may only cover a portion of the costs. Travelers on international cruises with primary Medicare insurance should be particularly concerned with this type of benefit, as Medicare does not traditionally cover any kind of medical care outside of the United States.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

While rare, emergency medical evacuations are a genuine possibility for cruisers. Whether the emergency is severe enough to require an air rescue from the ship, or whether it involves emergency transport from the nearest port-of-call, the costs can be expensive if not covered by insurance. Travelers who are particularly concerned about the possible quality of medical care in an unfamiliar area of the world may want to consider the optional Hospital of Choice benefit as an additional coverage. The benefit may allow for transfer to another hospital in the event that the attending physician determines evacuation is medically necessary.

Baggage Loss or Baggage Delay

Between airlines, ships, and ports-of-call there are plenty of opportunities for luggage to be delayed, lost in transit or stolen. Baggage loss coverage may help recover the costs of replacing lost items, or baggage delay coverage may help reimburse for the necessities purchased while waiting for bags. Having baggage can significantly decrease the stress of losing your belongings.

Identity Theft

Losing personal documents, such as passports, is indeed a possibility when on a cruise. Identity theft protection is a unique service offered by some travel insurance providers. This coverage may include a toll-free assistance line to help guide you through the process of minimizing possible damage to your credit or financial reputation. It can also assist in important communications and monitoring to help replace your documents as quickly as possible and continue your cruise.

Financial Default

One significant benefit that third-party insurance plans offer is possible coverage for financial default. In other words, if your cruise line operator or another travel supplier related to your cruise goes bankrupt after the waiting period on the policy (typically 10 days after purchase), financial default coverage potentially would allow you to recover the money paid to that travel supplier. It’s important to note that financial default coverage is generally a time-sensitive benefit, so be sure to look into purchasing your travel insurance soon after you make your initial trip payment. It is important to read the details of the plan as some do restrict coverage for financial default of the travel supplier, tour operator, travel agency, organization or firm that you purchased the trip from.

Hurricanes and Other Bad Weather

Cruise ships are obviously especially vulnerable to the effects of hurricanes or other severe weather. While most comprehensive travel insurance plans will not offer coverage if your cruise departs as scheduled, the plan may cover you if the cruise is canceled or cut short. Trip cancellation coverage can help to recoup any costs that the cruise company will not reimburse. Some plans written for cruises do have coverage for itinerary changes or excursion cancellation due to weather conditions. There are also important travel insurance benefits available that are related to bad weather that causes damage to your home and renders it uninhabitable, such as trip interruption coverage.